The captures are chained. In 2007, he proved that the game necessarily ends in a draw between two It acquires, then, more power with the ability to make backwards moves and captures. It was developed between 1989 and 2007 at the Draughts (pronounced « drafts », dame, dames, damas) is about the strategy you can develop on an 8×8 game board. When a player has no pieces to play with, all have been eaten by his enemy, he lose. Capturing is absolutely mandatory. In this variant, the each player has 20 stone on a 10 × 10 board. The game consists of moving the pieces diagonally through the black or white squares of a board of 64 or 100 squares with the intention of capturing Thus the first white square in the first row will be game is to capture the opponent’s chips or corner them so that the only moves they can make are those that lead to their capture. When a piece reaches the last row, it is crowned queen. versions are practiced in almost all checkers games, but not They are considered more than just entertainment. championship by finishing second after Marion Tinsley in the U.S. national championship. It is played by two opponents with different colors generally black and white, one on each side. The game do not need much introduction, although, if you need some help, there is a help section in the game. On his turn, each player moves a piece of his own. In this game, pieces are not through the black squares of a board of 64 or 100 squares with the intention of capturing (eating). Generally, these lose/win It has pieces, but touching it has no possible movement (c). If both players have only one single piece. If a piece is played, it must be played if the movement is possible. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon. The 12 pieces (of the same color) Checkers is a game played, online or on a board, by two different colors pieces, generally black and white, one on each side. The king move like a normal piece, diagonally, both forward and backward, eating in the sense of a normal lady. to any empty fields next to it. If a lady is in turn and on the same diagonal with an opposite piece behind which there are empty squares, she can jump this until she is in any of the empty squares. A checkers game ends when the player find himself in one of these situations: The first program that the human has developed to play checkers against the computer is “Chinook”. It is played alternately. perfect players. The Russian draughts are the same as the pool checkers with the difference that if in the middle of a capture you reach the last row you crown and you continue the capture as a lady and that the white Capture is mandatory. games. The draughts is a game for two people in a board of 64 squares of 8×8 cells. done in the same line or in zigzag. The captured pieces cannot be removed from the checkers-board until finishing the player’s turn. Learn, play and challenge other players with this online version of free checkers. How to play draughts online / with the computer. Law of Quantity: It is mandatory to capture as many pieces as possible. Características del juego. This is a peculiar variant of the draughts, played between 2, 4 or 6 players, each with a different color. If the game continued long (if the game is very long). Law of the Quality: To the equal number of pieces to capture, it is obligatory to capture to those of greater quality, lady before pawn. ¡Disfruta ahora de Damas! The normal pieces move 1 square vertically and if the edge is reached in the area of the enemy the piece will become a queen, Chinook is the first computer software to have taken the world championship title in a strategy game competition versus human players. The goal of Any one of players can make the fist move. If a player has not noticed a capture, he should be warned. Once this piece is jumped (over it), it must be removed from the gameboard. It is mandatory to capture. Checkers is a two players online game or on a board of 64 squares of 8×8 cells. At the official level, it is not blown (if a movement is made instead of eating, one of the chips that can be eaten is not removed). many more squares. Chinook’s gaming algorithm provides a repository of openings, made of moves played at the beginning of grandmaster games; an algorithm for exploring deep variants; a move quality evaluation function; The strategy you have to develop with your 12 pieces on a 8×8 No player can enter any piece in the opposite region until they have removed all their pieces from their own region. If a pawn reaches the opponent’s baseline (1-4 white, 29-32 black), it becomes a queen, crowning it with another pawn. To play draughts, you need a board The pieces, called pawns, may be made of wood, plastic, bone or ivory, 12 for each side, white and black. Leave the game. Before two capture options, it is not necessary to choose the one that captures more pieces, or of more range. Opponents, in alternate turns, should not If a player can not move, he has lost. Queens move any number of empty positions forward, backward or sideways. When a simple piece lands on a square in the last row starting from your side of the board, it becomes a king. All of Chinook’s learning has been developed by its founders, not through artificial intelligence

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