Mudsdale: Very bulky with an assault vest and stamina ability. Kind of one dimensional and doesn’t offer much offensive presence. When paired with Hatterene, After You allows Trick Room to bypass negative priority so I don’t have to risk getting flinched by Tyranitar’s Rock Slide and such. Its sole STAB is immense for dealing with Grass Type foes like Rillaboom, as well as Steel Type foes like Scizor, Escavalier, and Durant. Ferrothorn: A very strong and slow Pokémon that can fit on a ton of teams. The former is notable for its signature Forest’s Curse, which applies the Grass Type to the target. Environmental Humanities Internships, Strong bulk, a very interesting sleeper Pokémon that could be very powerful. Thanks to Eviolite, it can take one big hit and still live on to set up Trick Room. With a favorable move order, it can fire off fully powered Sun boosted Eruption with ease, which can punch through unprepared teams. Most teams account for Grimmsnarl and there is an abundance of steel moves to KO it. Mono normal type provides a nice resistance to ghost but fighting is common and doesn’t offer a good STAB. Not as much bulk as Dusclops, I think of it as a more offensive Dusclops. Popular candidates for this role include Chandelure and Indeedee M, with the Focus Sash to preserve the Imprison for as long as possible. Rhyperior works well to sweep off their backs. Comfey’s signature Ability gives +3 priority to Comfey’s healing moves. After Trick Room is set up, Riolu can follow up with Prankster elevated Coaching, allowing its ally to hit harder with its Max Move (and/or Gigantamax Move). Trick Room, Night Shade and more! I run another setter as a backup when I can’t bring Hat to the match. Max moves don’t really do much to help your team as Water and Ice will wither enhance your own teammates weaknesses or cause chip damage on them. Clear smog can be an option to counter opposing boosts. Project Eris Retroarch, The Lady Of The Moon Chinese Folktale, It blocks all other Pokemon from using moves known by the user. Possible alternatives would include Exeggutor and Oranguru. This is important because each usage of Trick Room lasts for a maximum of 4 turns, so the Trick Room sweepers have a limited window with which to perform. In case you don’t know, trick room is a move that reverses speed priority allowing those with the lowest speed to move first for 5 turns. Has focus blast to hit Duraludon and Tyranitar hard, and has recover to keep it healthy. If you are worried about special attackers, then run a Sassy nature. When the GMax form is available it will be a very interesting pick as it allows you to basically set up screens. Alternatively, players can opt to run the Male version of the Emotion Pokemon as a secondary Trick Room setter, at the cost of a bit of bulk and Follow Me. 4x weakness to fire is not great as lots of teams have plans to counter Ferrothorn. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A good player who mixes in ally switch or other smart predictive switches means I'm hitting for like 1/8 of a mons hp per attack. Kyogre run 252 Speed to out run the 176 Groudon that will be faster than Choice Scarf Palkia after a Rock Polish. This is where Triage comes in. This does mean that the offensive burden lies heavily on Comfey’s ally, but the healing powers should more than make up for it. Mimikyu’s disguise is very helpful for ensuring Trick room gets off since most of its threats are fast so they’ll break the disguise instead of KOing it. Has a wide variety of moves that can be adjusted to fit team need. Lastly, Pollen Puff can be used to heal its ally to bring it out of KO range. Slower strikers thrive under this “field condition”, many of them decently bulky and therefore well suited for surviving drawn out fights. However, it does have a good Base Attack and a Trick Room friendly Base Speed. Players aren’t encouraged to Dynamax Torkoal, unless they desperately need to regain Weather control through Max Flare, or skip the charging turn of Solar Beam outside of Sun. Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint Sds, However you can’t spore effectively until after trick room and it is very frail for the type of supporting role it wants to fit in. In a metagame where momentum is key, not having to switch out for offensive pressure is a welcome asset on a supportive Pokemon. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I will continue to edit this post with more relevant information as it comes in. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With Yawn, Togekiss can apply a lot of pressure on the opponent, forcing them to either switch out or face the Sleep penalty on the following turn. Pretty self explanatory and needs set up to be successful on top of trick room set up. It not only provides amazing recovery for a bulky mon, but can do some serious damage especially on turn 2 against a full health opponent. These combine to make Hatterene one of the most reliable Trick Room setters in the metagame. However, this does come with the drawback of a massive weakness to Fighting Type moves and vulnerability to the popular Rillaboom. This would players to capitalize against opposing Rillaboom. It also has pretty decent coverage, gaining access to Darkest Lariat and Fire Punch. Let me know in the comments if I miss anything and I’ll add them into the list. Deoxys-D, Bronzong, Jirachi, Dialga, and Cresselia are the best choices to use for when it comes to Trick Room teams. Stomping Tantrum rounds out the core as an essential asset against Alolan Marowak, which otherwise walls it with Lightningrod. Ally switch can help throw a wrench into opponents plans by dodging super effective attacks. Nitrogen Nederlands, As a Fighting Type Pokemon, it eliminates the Dark Type and Steel Type foes that are either immune to or resist Expanding Force respectively. Torkoal: Eruption is awesome under trick room. This helps to control Weather against opposing Sun and/or Sand, while chunking threatening Ground Type foes. Comedy Camisado, Hahaha ill have to do Some more research into him. Grassy Surge Rillaboom’s availability saw to the beginning of Rhyperior’s decline. Best Pokemon For Shiny Hunting Sword And Shield, Water absorb can give you an immunity and switch in opportunity against water attacks. Credit u/Domin0e, Conkeldurr: A very strong trick room sweeper with a plethora of viable coverage moves. Vikavolt: Very slow and powerful with its coverage. This is probably my favorite Dynamax candidate, mostly for the ability to cause chaos against sun and sand teams. Negative is that it is quite fast for trick room but if you’re only using priority moves like helping hand and follow me then that’s still solid. Scrafty: Slow speed, fake out, and intimidate are a great combination for a trick room support Pokémon. Dottler: Eviolite allows it to become very bulky with the potential to deal nice damage with body press. Can use hypnosis to sleep opponents but accuracy is not great at all. Dark and Ghost are common attacking types again and can hit hard. Another niche that Porygon2 has over Dusclops is access to Recover, which helps immensely in opening the avenue for a late game Trick Room. Butterfree was an interesting early metagame force that has gradually seen its influence wane due to the rise of Safety Goggles Togekiss. Snorlax: Both Curselax and Belly Drum variants are strong under trick room. Players can also opt to Gigantamax their Hatterene and smash with G Max Smite, which can incapacitate foes through confusion. All of these do mean that Porygon2 lose a lot of the utility offered by the Beckon Pokemon, particularly the synergy with Bulldoze + Weakness Policy. Hatterene + Indeedee-F: The tried and true combo to give you the best chance to set trick room.

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