On January 12th, 1965, El Huracán Ramírez defeated “Curly” Ruíz to win the Mexican National Welterweight Championship. This page was last edited on 31 July 2020, at 20:32. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Pedro Mago Septien, Actor: Huracán Ramírez. Ramirez took his fame to other countries, from South America to Japan. In the movies, actors such as David Silva, Pepe Romay, Freddy "Pichi" Fernandez, and Marco Antonio Arzate were Huracán in all the non-wrestling scenes. Among them was the man who wrestles as “Axel,” a grandson of El Santo and married to Karla (spelled “Carla” in some places) García Fernández, the younger daughter of Daniel García “El Huracán Ramírez.” Axel said through tears after the service, “He was the best friend of my grandfather, I can not believe he has passed away, he was my father-in-law, my padrino, and he always treated to me like the son he never had, grabbing me by the nape of the neck - I will forget his affection and his advice,” Axel said in a difficult voice and through some tears. “El barrio bravo de Tepito” was (and is still considered today to be) the tough-guys’ neighborhood of Mexico City, one that in the 1930s and 1940s seemed to be country’s progenitor of fine boxers and martial artists, and that was the type of sport to which Daniel was first attracted - though he also tried ice hockey for several years as a youngster. Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L. Daniel was introduced to Eulalia’s father, the father of the woman would be his future wife. “During his 36 years as wrestler, he left an unforgettable trail, and his move ‘la huracarrana’ is imitated by many, but his was really the only one. [1][3][5] In 1974 wrestling promoter Francisco Flores broke away from EMLL to form his own company called Lucha Libre Internacional, later known as the Universal Wrestling Association. [10] Unhappy with the situation and the threat García actually unmasked during a couple of local shows, something that was virtually unheard of in Lucha Libre, an active competitor unmasking voluntarily. Fernando Osés, Enrique Llanes, Jean Safont, Marco Antonio Carta (Carta Brava) and Rogelio de la Pez (La Sombra Vengadora) were Huracán in the ring, and David Silva, Pepe Romay, Freddy "Pichi" Fernandez and Marco Antonio Arzate were Huracán in the big screen. Among the finalists were Octavio Gaona junior, Memo Rubio, Marco Antonio Carta, and Daniel García Artega. [1][3][11] When the comic book became a big success, García approached Rodriguez Mas for a share of the profits, but his request was denied. [10] At the time García and Mas were close friends, so close that García initially offered his services for a new photo-montage-style comic book about Huracán Ramírez for free in exchange for an eventual share of the profits. Pedro Mago Septien was born on March 21, 1916 in Queretaro, Mexico. Mexican lucha libre last week lost one of the very last of its “living legends,” legends from the golden ages of wrestling and wrestling movies. Gimnasio Benito Juárez - Cuautitlán, Mexico St. Huracán Ramírez was originally just the title character of a 1952 Mexican film called "Huracán Ramírez" that starred actor David Silva as a masked professional wrestler or luchador enmascarado character he names Huracan Ramirez. One of the things that came out of this movie was a wrestling move unlike any that had been seen before it. On August 5th, 1965, El Huracán Ramírez defeated Karloff Lagarde to win the NWA World Welterweight Championship. This page was last edited on 12 August 2020, at 09:52. Some months later, the Rodriguez family wanted to release a new Huracán movie and give the gimmick to a new luchador.

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