Twin aluminium mufflers. The fit and finish is top notch with the highlight being its fairing. The front mud gaurd is a tidy one. Progressive linkage with adjustable Sachs monoshock. The overall handling is not as sharp as a true blue sportsbike, but is light and steady. We ride this youthful machine and let you know whether you should buy it or avoid it. Electronic fuel injection system, Æ 53 mm throttle bodies with full Ride-by-Wire. The only major drawback are the mirrors, as their field of vision is very poor. The two versions of the SuperSport 950 can be enriched with the Sport and Touring packages, which can also be mounted together. The Standard costs INR 12 lakhs (ex-showroom), while the S costs INR 13.5 lakhs (ex-showroom). Check out news and reviews on 2017 Ducati SuperSport - See exclusive insights, specs, photos, prices and more on Top Speed India. Ducati Red fairing with Ducati Red frame and Glossy Black wheel rims, Arctic White Silk fairing with Ducati Red frame and Glossy Black wheel rims with Ducati Red “tag”. Discover the electronic package with which the SuperSport 950 is equipped. Riding Modes, ABS Bosch Cornering, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO. Progressive linkage with fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock. Ducati continues to unveil its new 2021 models to the world with the Ducati World Première web series. The footpeg position is not set back too much. 245 mm disc, 2-piston caliper, Bosch Cornering ABS. 1=37/15 2=30/17 3=28/20 4=26/22 5=24/23 6=23/24, Chain; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 43, Slipper and self-servo wet multiplate clutch with hydraulic control. 2 x 320 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Monobloc Brembo M4-32 callipers, 4-piston, radial pump with Bosch Cornering ABS. Aluminium single-sided swingarm. The new SuperSport 950, thanks to the new fairings, acquires more sportiness and fluidity of shapes, as well as a strong and decisive reference to the Panigale V4 thanks to the new full-LED headlight and the new side air vents. The torque delivered is 93Nm at 6500rpm. Testastretta 11°, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled. Also the quickshifter may trip from 5th to 6th gear if you are below 180km/h. Euro 5 (only for countries where Euro 5 standard applies), Copyright © 2020 Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A – A Sole Shareholder Company - A Company subject to the Management and Coordination activities of AUDI AG. It feels like a more powerful bike than the numbers it has. The windshield of the SuperSport 950, low to create a streamlined and dynamic line, is centrally connected to the tank bringing the body colour into the cockpit, with a modern design that houses the new full-TFT colour dashboard. The Ducati sports bike made for the road changes its name and becomes SuperSport 950, renewing its aesthetics, electronic equipment and high level features. By entering your email address you will always be up to date with the latest Ducati news and promotions. Ducati says that 80 per cent of that the torque is available at around 3000rpm. In my opinion, the S is a better package. 6 speed with Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down EVO. Check Out Rival Motorcycles, Latest News and Updates on the Ducati SuperSport S in India. 245 mm disc, 2-piston caliper, BoschCornering ABS. Be the first to write a review for Ducati SuperSport S, Bikes With Features Similar to Ducati SuperSport S, Ducati SuperSport S is priced at INR 14,00,000 in India(Ex-Showroom), Electronic Fuel Injection System, Æ 53 mm Throttle Bodies with Full Ride-By-Wire, Wet Multiplate Clutch Mechanically Operated, Self-Servo Action on Drive, Slipper Action on Over-Run, 1=37/15 2=30/17 3=28/20 4=26/22 5=24/23 6=23/24, Chain, Front Sprocket 15, Rear Sprocket 43, 320 mm Twin Semi-Floating Discs, Radially Mounted Monobloc Brembo M4-32 Callipers, 4-Piston, Radial Pump with ABS as Standard, 245 mm Disc, 2-Piston Caliper, ABS as Standard, Y Saped, 3-Spoke in Light Alloy 3.50" x 17", Y Shaped, 3-Spoke in Light Alloy 5.50" x 17", Fully Adjustable 48mm (1.9 in) USD Ohlins Forks, Progressive Linkage with Fully Adjustable Ohlins Monoshock. Modern Ducati, as well as the Super Sport can be traced back to April 1972 when Ducati won the Imola 200 (the European equivalent of the Daytona 200) with a for-production based 750 cc, desmodromic valve v-twin motor developed by Fabio Taglioni. Discover everything about the new SuperSport 950 presented by Alessandro Valia, Ducati Official Tester, and Julien Clement, Ducati Senior Designer Style Centre. The design, sporty and elegant, integrates elements typical of Ducati sports bikes such as the single-sided swingarm, sculpted tank and compact lateral silencer with two overlapping exits, which leaves the rear wheel, with its “Y” spoke design, fully visible. Over the years, this Italian marquee has proved its prowess in racing machines and the panache associated with these motorcycles is unique. 2020 Ducati SuperSport S Specifications, Review, Features, Colors, and Photos. While it was not exactly a torque heaby machine, it did feel very punchy ant low revs and city riding feels much sorted on it as one does not require frequent gearshifts. They weren’t bad on wet roads either. The twin headlamps are halogen and not LEDs, which is a tad disappointing. Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and two lambda probes. The side view of the SuperSport 950 is marked by air vents reminiscent of the double extractor of the Panigale V4 models. Fully adjustable Æ 48 mm usd Öhlins fork with TiN treatment. The SuperSport 950 is powered by the 937 cc Ducati Testastretta 11° twin-cylinder unit and equipped with electronic controls based on information from Bosch's 6-axis inertial platform, capable of instantly detecting the bike's roll, yaw, and pitch angles in space. Though the price tag brings it closer to the Panigale, the Supersport is a more usable machine and it makes more sense as it can be also used for short touring, apart from daily commuting and weekend rides. Euro 4-rated, it has four valves per cylinder, a secondary air system, liquid cooling, a 12.6:1 compression ratio and bore and stroke measurements of 94 and 67.5 mm respectively. But like the old 90s and early noughties Ducati Supersport, your speed comes less from ‘point-and-squirt’ and more from maintaining momentum and carving perfect, high-speed … The bike has enough torque to keep you smiling throughout the ride and the best part is while exiting a turn or while hitting a speed breaker, you can pick up from a higher gear as well. Now, unlike the Panigale, this one is build for everyday riding. Tubular steel Trellis frame attached to the chylinders head. However, you have to get a little used to during downshifts as it is slightly tricky at times. The bike we had, was fitted with a carbon fibre finish one, which is available as an accessory. With the new updates the SuperSport 950 becomes sportier in appearance, more fun to ride and even easier, safer, and more comfortable thanks to a richer standard equipment. VAT 05113870967, Ducati Red fairing with Ducati Red frame and Glossy Black wheel rims with Ducati Red “tag”. The front full fairing flows impeccably and the strip of LED DRLS looks attractive, in the way it integrates with the headlamp.

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